The Lucky Paws Kennels are Self funded by Lucy.

Please make sure you call to book an appointment to visit us.Thanks

Our Contact Details:

07817 662328


The Lucky Paws Dog Rescue owner, Lucy.

and here is a photo of me and my boyfriend Lee who helped build my kennels.


 About Us....

We started up our dog rescue July 1st 2008 and we are planning to keep going for as long as we possibly can. I'm 21 and proud of what i can do helping so many dogs find new homes.

I have worked along side my mum for over 6 years with rehoming and looking after dogs, so have plenty of experience.

I wanted to make a friendlier dog rescue, and give everyone a chance of giving a dog a home, within reason.

It is hard work, 24-7  no days off but worth it to see those happy faces on the dogs and new owners as an end result.

My boyfriend Lee has now started up his own venture, so i'm running the Kennels now.

In our spare time, we love our Modified cars....

Lucky Paws Golf was at Run To The Sun Show n Shine weekend in Newquay 24th may 09. Watch the video below...

We are now selling our golf as we need something more practical for work, its on ebay take a look .... copy and paste this into your broswer............  

Click here to view it