Here we have letters and some photos of the dogs we have happily rehomed.

Please keep sending them in to us! We love to hear how they are getting on!

We can only upload the smaller size photos.

Website star photo

is Evie owned by Bernie, a black female labrador puppy, rehomed on the 19th Feb 09 with her extra cute photo.

She is the first photo on the main page and will be on the new designed Lucky Paws cards. Well done!


Billy Bob- Yorkie


Hi Lucy
Just a quick email to let you know how Billy Bob is getting on. He was the little yorkie and I came with Marianna, the sprightly 82 year old who had been turned away from battersea dogs home after her own yorkie died of old age last year.
After a few unsure days in his new home where Billy and Marianna were getting to know one another, he is now very settled and spends most days curled up on a warm lap!
He gets a good walk every day and has the free run of the garden although seems very reluctant to go out on his own, I expect that when the summer comes he will get the hang of it a bit more.
After a couple of accidents early on he does seem to be fully housetrained which is a relief and he is a good boy happy sleeping in his own bed at night. He has lots of toys but no desire to play really. On a cold day he gets to wear a little knitted jumper and if its rainy he gets a rain coat. He is walking well on the lead and keeping Marianna in shape making sure that they both get a brisk walk every day.
After a few weeks of settling in he went to the vets to get the snip and lost his balls but came out with kennel cough. He has recovered well but not getting any doggy visitors for a while to come just in case. He had a microchip and teeth descaled at the same time so all bases covered as recommended.
Marianna his new owner is very grateful for his company and the two of them are really funny together, she talks to him all the time and he paws her until he gets a cuddle which is pretty much all the time. She has brushed him a lot and he is really fluffy now. He seems to be very attached to her and they get along just fine. Before the kennel cough I visited them several times with Aime my Chihuahua and they got along just fine, mainly because he is so chilled and submissive to everyone.
So thanks to you they have both found good company and I'm happy to have been able to unite them. If you hear from the previous owner please reassure her that all is well and he is being well loved in a permanent home.
Take care, Happy Christmas and I wish you the best of luck with your Doggy venture.
Kind regards,
Katy, Marianna and Billy Bob


Bassett Hound

Hi Lucy,
Just to let you know that Holly has settled in amazingly well - it's as though she's always been here!
We took her to our local pet shop yesterday to buy collar and tag, etc., when we got back, and the first thing she did was an enormous poo in the shop!  Thankfully they know me and they are used to dogs having accidents!
I've attached a couple of photos.  Many thanks again, we are thrilled with her.
I will pop your lead in the post in the next couple of days.
All the best,


Labrador Puppy

Hi Lucy,

 here is Ozzy When we first bought him he was tiny as you can proably tell there are photos attached of him when he has the blue color on he is little when he has the brown leather one on he is now. He likes the sofa's and the coulor pink he is here licking the screen as i type this he has 2 baskets a brown one and a blue and black chequed one. He is a very smart dog he is now 7 months old he knows his name perfectly responds to a whistle and he nows quite a few tricks he has 3 walks a day twice with a frizbee which he loves over the park and he has a thing about big muddy puddles :) Shannon Walsh


Rescued Cocker Spaniel

 Lucy and Jackie
Here's an update on Mitzi (now Molly ... which trips off the tongue more easily ... new life ... new name). She has just had surgery for her cherry eyes. They had to be completely removed as they were so big and damaged. She looks like a little blood hound as it has left her with droopy lower lids. She has dry eyes ... but takes her eye drops very well.
The good news is she doesn't have Cushings. Her coat is glossy already and her abdomen has firmed up. The dermatitis/pyoderma has almost cleared up so she is not scratching any more and is much more comfortable.
Jackie said that she was a very gentle dog who just wanted a lap to sit on .... well not any more. She is a bouncer! She bounds everywhere ...tongue, ears and legs flying. She loves her walks and acts as if she has just discovered toys, running around the house with her stuffed duck. She still enoys a cuddle and sleeps at the bottom of my bed on her back with her legs splayed. She is great friends with my scottie Maggie. The parrot has already learned her name and says hello Molly whenever she walks past. She still snores though ... very loudly.
The worming treatment you gave her was a bit alarming .... I've never seen a dog with so many worms. Do I need to worm her again ... or was it an all in one?
I will send you some pictures next week when her eyes should look a bit better.
Molly is a lively, loving dog ... a real joy.
Thank you very much ... Catherine



Hi Lucy,

I know this e-mail is way overdue, but I just wanted to let you know that the black scottie we picked up from you in February in all the snow is now called Hamish and he is absolutely the cutest little dog in the world! He is so adorable. We can take him anywhere (except the vets!) and he is so well behaved and has a real feisty character. He has developed some funny little habits and is very good at begging for a treat!
As soon as I have learnt how to download photos, I'll send you one!

Kind regards

Ken and Jane Laurie
Newport, Gwent


Border Collie

Dear Lucy & Lee,
Your website is great and I cant resist looking at whos coming in to stay with you.  Ive emailed to update you on Taz, a Border Collie pup who came from you in May.  Thankyou so much, he is a healthy, wonderful dog with a full adolescent mind and a very inquisitive, playful and obedient nature.  He is still quite shy and is surprising me and himself everyday with how brave he gets.  He has lost all his outdoor coat and grown really shiny healthy hair which is easier with the grass burrs! He gets on so well with all the other dogs on his walks, he makes me very proud. ..He doesnt stop all day and it's v cute and funny to watch him fall asleep when he cant possibly help it anymore, mostly in his food bowl! 
Recently, my friends Ben & Kelly have also got a staff called Badger from you and I hear he is also lots of fun and doing really well.  We're spreading the word about Lucky Paws!
Once again, thanks, you made getting a dog easy and enjoyable and we're thrilled to bits with Taz.


Border terrier

Hi Lucy,

I just thought I'd drop you a line with our first photo opportunity!

Twm has settled in really well with my two girls, we took a photo of them catching a bit of sun yesterday. He is a lovely little dog and everything you said he was - he didn't have much to eat, as we expected, on Saturday night when we'd just brought him home but he ate well yesterday and now he's leading the pack in the 'I'm so starving please give me a titbit' stakes!!

From our point of view, we're thrilled to bits with him, he's polite and pleasant, he's lovely with children, he's gentle and sweet, he's an overall lovely little man and he does seem to quite like us, despite what he must have been through in the last few weeks.

Thank you so much for letting us have him, we'll make sure he has a happy life and he will be with us forever, he's a little diamond.

I'll keep in touch with more photos when we get some, thanks again, Lucy, and keep up the good work!

All the best,

Sue and Paul

Border Collie puppy

Hi Lucy, My owners went on holiday last week, so they took me to see Tess, whose owner is there cousin. As you can see she is larger and older than me.
 I found this pond but as you can see I got too close ( and fell in). Whilst there we went out in the forest of dean and saw fox's and other dogs plus a wild boar (that I kept well away from) . Since I got back though I am quite chilled out.

Bichon Frises

Trixie and Milly ..they are having another nap Lucy , they are so loving towards each other, and to us, they are a  real pleaure and delight for us to share our lives with them , thank you Lucy




Border Collie Puppy



Hi Lucy,it's me Lucy again just thought you might like to know I have been out walking,and took my master with me,the pic is me with Jamie the grandson who plays football with me,and some times I let him beat me. A few day's ago these people I live with where talking about sending me back to you, and even though that would be nice,I decided to stop playing up and behave myself,so now we are all good friends again.
As you can see I didn't like my bed inside so took it outside, also I tried to dig my way out.I have also been naughty in the hall but they have laminate floors so that's not so bad is it.As you can also see I help around the house,( Jamie spilt milk when I nipped his foot) by clearing up the milk.
On my morning walk I have seen foxes and a deer, and in my garden a sparrow hawk trying to get a meal of a sparrow, ( he missed). Anyway that's it for now
 Love Lucy

Border Collie Puppy

Hi Lucy
Sorry have taken so long to send you pictures of me in my new home.  I have settled in well.  I go for long walks with my new family.  I also love to play in the garden with my ball and other toys.  I have a little friend in one of the other houses we play together and dig holes, to the annoyance of our parents, lol.  I try to play with the cats, Simba, Mufusa and Holly but they don't like to play ball, lol.   I had to get my mum to send this email and I can't type, lol
Love Patch xxx


Labrador Puppy

Hi Lucy,
Just to update you on Summer, the golden Lab puppy:)
Shes doing really well and has settled into the family perfectly. She enjoys going on long walks and chasing the kids around the garden or through the fields.
I have attached a few pictures for you to see how well she settling in.
Many thanks.
Ellie, Phil and family x

Jack Russell


Here is a photo of Diesel in his new home

Neil, Ann, Robin and Diesel.

Border collie

Poppy's 1st birthday

Very Best Wishes to everyone at Lucky Paws.

Bassett Hound x Weiramaner

just thought w'd send you a few photos of 'Elvis' settling in with our other dogs, and showing him in his new bed.
We'll keep in touch

Alan & Alison

Labrador Puppy

 Hi Lucy
Just a quick update on our lab puppy we picked up from you a few weeks ago.
We have named her Maisie and she is adoreable. She has fitted in to our family really well and has become a great companion to our older labrador, Mo. We go for walks everyday on the farm and she plays with Mum's jack russell terriers - although she has grown so fast she towers over them now!
I am so sorry we kept you waiting that night but you were very kind and do such a tremendous job - you put us all to shame!
I have friends looking for a labrador or springer spaniel puppy and others looking for a young german shepherd so if you hear of any please let me know.
Thanks once again

Rescue Westie

Just to let you know that Wilma (now Peppa) is settling in fine! We will keep you posted. She is due for a Vet's check up next Wednesday.  She seems to like her new home and family and at the moment she is taking a nap  in her new bed.
Thank you again.
Cecy and  Tony Harris.





 Hi  Lucy 

 Just to let you know Chardonnay has settled in really well. Its as if she has been here all the time. As soon as she has had her hair cut i will send you a photo. Keep up the good work that you are doing. Forgot to say she is called Mabel now. Mabel with the ball as she is always carrying a ball with her.
                                       Thanks Elaine

Border Collie

Hello Lucy,
Just to thank you for letting us have a beautiful red border collie from you in June (21st). She has settled in well and we have named her Ruby. She is now 14 weeks old and at puppy school once a week where is is doing really well.  Living in Poole in Dorset we have been to the beach where she loves the sea, the park and forests which are all in easy reach. We will keep you updated on her progress and once again thank you.


Border Collie Puppy

 Hi Lucy,
Just a quick note to say I'm settling in well with Kate and Paul at my new address on the outskirts of Bristol.
I now have the place to myself now as they said goodbye to their 13yr old collie Jack on the 25th of June. I wasn't with him for very long, but apparently I've got a lot of his habits.They miss him, but are relishing the challenge of training me; I,m keeping them on their toes; I'm growing fast, much, much bigger than when I was you. Am also getting acquainted locally, especially with the young children around.
I enjoy licking the rainwater from the Hosta leaves.
Will keep you up to date on my progress. Have you heard from my siblings?.

 Border Collie

Hello Lucy,
just an up date on Rudy now at 13weeks all is going really well!! He is currently enjoying puppy party and is booked into his first puppy training class and agility session, also he is is looking forward to his first dog show on 26th July... so fingers crossed!!
Thank-you again,
Tamsin, Rob and Rudy xx

Cairn Terrier

Dear Lucy,
Nearly three months from your Benji/our Dougal arriving with us (17 April), it is about time that we reported back on his progress
He is a great success,  and a very happy little dog.   He has been properly trimmed now that his coat has grown back after his horrible haircut (we think that somebody very inexpert had tried to chop out all the greyish bits), and  is looking very fine and a proper Cairn.  He was strangely terrified to go through any door or even a wide-open farm gate, but has totally got over

this;  and he is even house-traineed!   He is very friendly, both with people and with other dogs, and is being increasingly obedient; quite a cheeky little character, and very loveable.   We can't as yet take him for walks off the lead as we should like to do, but he is happy on a long stretchy one, and otherwise roars round the garden giving himself quite a bit of exercise.   If his previous owners would like to know (???), he is very happily rehomed.  (And we have mentioned Lucky Paws to other people who have asked where we found him).
Here are a couple of photographs of the New Dougal, from two very satisfied customers - thank you!       Janet and Donald



Hi there

Jessie and Bowie having a nap in the awning after walking to Lee Bay
from Morthoe.

She really is a star and they both love to play fight,so were so
please we picked Jessie.

Hope alls going well at Lucky Paws

Best Regards

Gerard and Liz Wall



Hi lucy
Jess is doing I swear she thinks she is one of the boys, she is adorable and knows im the soft touch lol, you will often find ger curled up asleep on my lap she loves all the attention she can get.
Thought I would send u a few photos.
Once again thank you so much for our new edition to the family,
Emma, Neil and the boys x


Border Collie

Hi Lucy,
Remember us we picked up Rudy on 16th May White Boarder Collie with his poorly eye's.... We have since discovered he is totally blind in his blue eye (which he play's on enormously....) He has settled in VERY well. First 2 weeks were sleepless nights and lots of howling...but was potty trained in a week. Now he has lots of friends including his 2 sister's (if only they would play with him!!) He loves playing in the garden and sleeping on the bed (naughty I know but anything for 5 hrs sleep.)We would never change our clumsy Rudy for the world the best behaved puppy we could have asked for!!We hope his brother and sister are doing as well.
Thank-you so much for our new addition.
Tamsin, Rob & Rudy

(P.s I have been too Hastings where I got to swim in the sea and the new forest where I found a big pond to swim in and loved it so much Daddy had to come and get me!!! (up to his knees in his jeans .... Me and mummy laughed!! thank you for looking after me and we will send you more pictures when I am a bit bigger as I LOVE posing love Rudy xxx)

Bassett Hound

Hi Lucy,

Just thought you might like to see some pics of Lady, who has now become Ladybird! She seems to have settled in really well and is a naughty little girl most days - I would expect nothing less from a basset!

She loves her housemate, Stanley the black lab, and it feels like she's always been here.

Thanks so much for everything.

Mel Glanville

 Bassett Hound

Hi Lucy,
How are you? Just a quick update on Lexie the Basset Hound we rehomed from you in May.
She has had alot of surgey done. Both ear canals had to be removed as she had  a chronic psuedamona infection which doesn't respond to antibiotics, she has had her cherry eye done and as she had entropian in both eyes her eyelids had a nip tuck. Surgery has a huge price tag (around £2,000) but she is a super little dog and we are only too happy to help her be more comfortable.
As she is over the worse now I am emailing to ask if you get another  basset in male or female could you let me know? There is no rush but if one came along we liked the look of we wouldn't hesitate to adopt it from you.
Take care and when Lex is looking a bit better...both her ears and eyebrows are shaved I will send a photo.
Please keep in touch

Mrs Tracey


 Border Collie

Dear Lucy,
I am writing to keep you up to date on Sky (now named Buffy) the female Border Collie I adopted from you almost 5 week ago.
She has settled in really well to our routine and is a sweet lovely natured dog, she has bonded with me and follows me everywhere.  She has the run of the garden and we can now let her off the lead down the cycle track, she is so well behaved she doesn't wander too far and comes back when called.
I have attached a few photos for you to see how well she has come along, she is now a bundle of fun, she gets lots of love and affection.  My husband bought her for my Birthday and she is the best birthday present ever, I love her to bits.
I hope you like the photos.
Many thanks

 Labrador x

Hi Lucy,
As it's been a week, i thought i would let you know how Hooch is getting on.
He is such a kind natured dog yet very playful and active! He is certainly making use of the garden. He's great when out walking and very good around the house.
I've got a wealth of toys for him to play with but he particularly likes soft toys it seems. (See pic!)
He has settled in straight away and all is very well!


 Mini Snauzer

Dear Lucy
Hi, we bought the silver and black schnauzer girl from you last Saturday. She is settling in really well, it feels like we've always had here. We have called her Tilly and she already responds to her name. She is very sociable and friendly and loves to play. She is due to have her next set of vaccinations tomorrow so the children are really excited about being able to take her for a walk soon. Please let her previous family know how she's doing.
With best wishes and thanks, Diane & Mark Easterbrook

Border Collie

Hi Lucy

Just thought we would let your know how our boy is doing! Totally spoilt, totally stupid and a real pleasure to own.  Have attached a couple of pictures to show you how he's grown into a very handsome boy.


Linda & Lisa

 Bonnie the border collie pup (black and white)

Just a quick note to let you know how new member of our family is doing, we've  named her Bonnie and she has settled in with us really well - socialised with family friends and chewed everything in reach, luckily she has lots of toys and attention from all of us, so lifes good for Bonnie! Except when we want her to go in the garden in the rain - rain is not good in Bonnies world! , will keep you posted -

  Natalie, Kevin, Eris, Jodie and Bonnie



Just wanted to update you on the chocolate labrador puppy we got from you on 9th May.

He is just great and we all really love him and he has settled in brilliantly.  Everyone who meets him just thinks he is gorgeous and love him too.

He has such a lovely nature and a real character.  We have named him Alfie and he had his last vaccinations yesterday and weighed in at 9.5kg.  We cant wait to take him out for his first proper walk.

Thank you so much

Jo, Richard and Alfie


Dan- Border Collie

Hi lucy,

this is vicki and darren, just emailin you in regards to 'Dan' the border collie.
He is doing really well, such a loving natured dog,luckily the cats have warmed to him quite well.
We have noticed he is very nervous? I'm guessin this is down to his previous back ground,however we are doing are very best to comfort and reasure him.
Would like to thankyou for him he is a real character,will keep u updated with his progress and send u picks.
One more thing,we noticed his teeth  seem chipped in places did the vet mention this before? would love to here back from you,

thankin you,

vicki,darren and dan x x x

Meg- Labrador

Hi Lucy,
apologies for not getting in touch sooner but things have been a little hectic.
We wanted to let you know how Meg was settling in and also to send you some pictures.
To be honest it feels like we have always had Meg, she has just slotted into our manic family life. Our children Hannah and Edward just adore Meg and she has just been fantastic with them. She likes them to tickle her tummy alot and of course the cuddles!!!
Although when we got Meg it was clear she hadn't had a great deal of love, as she was thrown by just how much love and attention she was getting!! The issue with taking her for a walk was hysterical, if you remember all she would do was lie down!! We have out her on a lead and she adapted quite well, but we have now found that she is much happier with a harness. We introduced Meg to the sea/water last week, and we now can't get her out of it!!!
We can't thank you enough for letting us take Meg, she has filled a hole that needed to be very much filled in our family.
Our vet gave her the all clear in health although she had to lose 5kg but the amount of running around she is doing I don't think it will be too long!!!!
Did you manage to re-home all of Meg's pups?
We hope you like the pictures, and hope you can see how happy and contact she looks.
Kindest Regards, and wishing you and Lee all the success in running your very worthy business.
Kindest Regards
Kellie & Garvin West


Milly and Trixie

Hi Lucy

here is Milly (was polly) isnt she a beauty,she is getting a wee bit more confidence , she can walk perfectly well on the lead now,but she is still afraid of my husband Bill, and all men, however there is a small improvement since we first came for her in ,january, she has a beautiful nature, so tolerant of our Trixies cheeky behaviour, and gentle,
in fact if she didnt have the nature she has we wouldnt have been able to have Trixie, as Trixie is so forward and cheeky,and makes us all laugh and keeps us busy and amused haha, 
Milly and Trixie are in their pen where i keep them when i'm getting on with my housework, as Milly is afraid of the vacum cleaner and Trixie would just have a carry on with it ,so they are safer there ,but as you can see they are the best of friends
thank you again for them Lucy.
Marian (Scotland )


Max- Saluki x

Hi Lucy,
Dad LOVES Max to pieces, was exactly the kind of dog he's been searching 27 years for!!!  Have attached 2 pictures for you, 1 with my dog Alfie, they had a great afternoon playing together before I took Max down to my Dads in Exeter and the other is Max having a chew on a pigs ear in his new home this morning!
I have left a message for my Dad to let me know the old owners number so you can let them know he has found a new home, I'll let you have it once I hear from my Dad, I expect they're out walking as I type!





Trixie- Bichon Frise with one eye.

Hi there Lucy,

Trixie is a right character, she,s the bossy one , poor Milly ( was Polly)just give sinto her all the time , ha ha although she is a bossy boots she ia also a lovable wee rogue she, s so cheeky its unbelievable and you should see her walk, she walks with a confident swagger she isnt house trained but we are working on that , we are having some success and milly just has the odd accident now, they are the light of our lifes
thank you again Lucy
Marian (Scotland )


Lexie the Bassett Hound

Just a quick messge to let you know that Lexie has settled in with us extremely well and we are absolutely delighted she is part of the family!
As soon as the vet is open I will be making an appointment to get her 'cherry eye' problem sorted out, so we will be sending pictures in the near future of her...I won't forget I promise!
It was great to meet you and hope one day we may visit again with view to adopting another but want to enjoy her and get her back to health first!
Take care and will be in touch soon
The Tracey Family...and Lexie! xx



Hi Lucy,
            We hope you are all well.
 Harvey had his first proper cut yesterday and I thought of you.
 He is fantastic,everybody loves him. My sister has a mini schnauzer and though she lives in Cornwall we visit often. Harvey has really benefited from spending time with another animal.
  He weighed 9.75 kg when we got him and boy has he filled out. He last weighed in at 12.0kg! He doesnt look fat but we are watching him etc. Harvey loves exercise so we we both walk him regularly and we take him out to meet people and dogs most weekends. He isnt spoilt or given too many treats though.
   We hope to go to Wales this weekend to introduce him to his Welsh home and friends.

  All the best Frank, Anne & Harvey



Harley- Bull Masiff was Henry

Hi Lucy,
Well Harley is coming on in leaps and bounds.  He now enjoys a nice walk, in fact when we get the harnesses and leads out he is the first one in line.  We're starting with short walks as he seems to be having problems with his legs which we will be getting checked out next week, but the fact that he wants to go for a walk is a fantastic.
He is also starting to take basic commands but he has that stubborn streak and will act up at times resulting in barking and nipping, but we're working on that.  He has lots of fun chasing Koda over the fields and sniffing all the new exciting things out there.
Sorry to read that the centre is having problems if  we can help in any way please let us know as what you do is so important.  We do have a large bag of dried dog food to donate and will keep our eyes open for anything that may be of use to you.  I have spoken to my brother about your centre and he is considering the possibility of adoption.
Yours sincerely
Rachael & Al


 Dear All,

Thought you'd appreciate a few pictures of our dog Bella. We rescued her a couple of weeks back. She was very nervous at first, but she's blossoming more each day. She's just been on a two mile walk, so she's fast asleep now!

Love Stuart and Jackie




Hello Lucy,

 We really thank you for your puppy, his name is now Benny, he is really playfull, nice ,lovelly.We love him......
If you want any nice photos or any others information you just give me a call or email.We lovely send any ,what you want.

                Thank you, have a nice day ,Rudolf and Jana from Bristol


Hi Lucy

Just wanted to email you and let you know how Molly (used to be Twix) is getting on.

Molly is such a big part of the family already, we can hardly remember life before her. She is now on her diet and getting loads of exercise to help bring her weight back down.

We take her for nice long walks every day and she is brilliant on and off the lead, never wandering to far away. She is full of energy but likes nothing better to climb up on the sofa and snuggle up next to you.

She doesn't like to be to far away from one of us and is constantly following one of us around and wants lots and lots of attention. She is great with the kids so good tempered and gentle with them. I dont know why anyone would want to give her away as she so loving and well behaved, so far she's not eaten anything she shouldn't, touch wood lol!

I've attached a photo of her doing one of her favorite hobbies sleeping, we will send you more as time goes on.

Thank you for letting us adopt Molly we are truely grateful.

Lynsey, martin and family.


Dear Lucy and co,

Just updating you on our lovely Rescue Ruby Cavalier Pup. We have named
him 'Reuben'. As you said he is very cheeky. He has masses of attitude and
likes to think he owns us, not the other way round! He is very robust,
healthy and doing well.
 This is a photo of me trying to do my Pilates but Reuben would rather I
would be his cushionn instead.

Many thanks,




Dear Lucy
Here's a few photo's of OXO enjoying his new adventures with the maskell family. We picked him up on 14th March he was biggest out of the chocolate labrador litter and we could not think of life without him. He's a bundle of fun and makes us laugh everyday, we have been lucky so far he has not trashed the house yet ! ! !
He starts puppy school on saturday (25th april) we are so grateful of having this lovable cheeky chap in our lives.
Many thanks to you and your dog rescue centre for making our family. We will send more photo's of OXO's adventures soon.
The photo of him in the plant pot was the day after we picked him up as you can see he setlled in from day one, the other photo was taken at bournemouth seaside, he was enjoying the sand more then the sea. He loves digging!!!!
Richard, Linda and OXO Maskell


Hello Lucy,
Do you remember me Harley the Chocolate Lab i was re-homed 2 weeks ago. My new home is really good. I get 2 walks a day. The little girls Sophie and Katey who live with me love playing with me and giving me treats. I love bouncing on the trampoline and going on the slide with them.  My ears and my sores have all healed now. Bad points i had to have a bath i didn't like that and also i got micro chipped which wasn't nice. Thank you for finding me a new home i am so happy here. Here is a couple of pictures of me in my new garden.


Hi Lucy
The puppy, we obtained from you on Sunday evening, is doing well, and has had her vaccination and been microchip, yesterday.
We named her 'Molly', Hope you like her photo , If you want others as she grow , please let me know
Take Care


Hi Lucy

Do you remember the chocolate labrador puppy we nearly took home
instead of Shelley? Well, here are some photos of Ellie (new name).
She has really settled in and her personality has come free.  As you
know, she is very affectionate but out on walks, she definitely needs
training - she has a strong will and is very curious with anything and

Ellie is a lovely dog and many people pass comment and make a fuss of her.

We are taking her to have some basic training as she has no road sense
and does not see the need to walk to heel - heedless!

We are really enjoying Ellie and are so pleased that we found her on
your website. She is well loved and has a very comfy life - long may
it continue.

Bye for now and hope you enjoy the piccies.

Annemarie and Alan Simpson





Hi Lucy

That's so so lovely
We love her so much and she is such a fantastic dog
Why she was in a rescue I don't know? but that was the luck for us.
She's doing great and really settled in well. We walk her every day and she is so obedient on the lead and off!!! apart when she sees another dog and she sprints off like a whippet. We're working on that.
We watch your website regular and we saw the choccy Labs how gorgeous.
I'll enclose another snap of her. This time at the beach. Wasn't too sure of the water. Strange for a Lab.
Any idea of her background??? Now I'm interested??
Can't wait to see your cards
We'll keep in Touch
Berni, Tim, Jakob, Thomas and of course the star 'Evie'


Evie *

Hi Lucy
Just thought I would drop you a line to let you know how Lily (was Anna) is getting on.  We have had her now for 8 weeks and she is really settling in well.  She was a bit wobbly at first very scared and unsure of what was going on but has followed my other dog Rusty to learn all about living in a house.  She wouldn't pee or poo without him!!!  Hence we have only had a couple of accidents since she's been living here and that was my fault for taking my eye off the ball for too long.
She loves her walks although took a while to get used to the lead, but now I am able to let her off the lead and walk for miles without worrying about her, her re-call is really good.  Her hair has grown back and she even has started growing a little Schnauzer beard.  Lots of people on my walks have stopped and commented on what a pretty girl she is.  It is very rewarding to see how happy she has become and she wags her tail when the kids get ready for school as she knows walkies are on the way.  She is very gentle with the kids and they love her to bits, she even went into school for my youngest daughter's show and tell.  Lily was a bit worried but the children were very quiet and sat on the floor so she soon began wandering around them licking the odd child and letting them stroke her,  I was very impressed with her.
Thanks for letting us re-home her she has really become a huge part of our family.


Hi Lucy
Just to let you know Jessie is settling in fine,she's no trouble at
all,it feels like she's been with us for a year.
We've been out for lots of walks and she squeeks when I get the leads
Bowie and Jessie are getting on,but you can tell she's the boss

Jessie says thanks for looking after me,I'll come and see you soon.

Best regards
Gerard and Liz


hi this is mark,

we got mouse from you about 6 weeks ago,here is some picture'sof her,we have had her washed and groomed now, and when we get her lead she gets up to go for a walk and even got her to sit the other day but one step at a time, she is a joy to have around thanks for everything and will be in touch soon when i get some better pictures,

thanks mark



Hi Lucy/Lee,
Bess here - just to let you know I have settled into my new home nicely. I've learnt to walk on the lead, play with my new toys and even climb the stairs to explore... but it's a bit scary!
Jim and Alison are looking after me and I'm looking a lot smarter with my new cool hair cut. I get lots of nice walks, treats and cuddles. I've even made a new doggie friend called Storm, he's a golden retriever and is triple my size but even so I tease him by taking his toys and hiding under the sofa!
I'm still a little nervous with new people but I'm getting more confident day by day. I'm looking forward to some long walks down at the beach which have been promised to me in the warm weather.
Thank you so much for looking after me and finding me a new happy home.
Love and licks,
Bess x





Hi Lucy its louise from Weston, Jazz has settled in really well only nervous on a lead now.Thank u so much for keeping her for me. She is very cute. Ill send some more pics in a few weeks and call you once my partners mum is ready to rehome one.


Hi Lucy
Just a quick note to let you know how Galaxy-now-Daisy has settled in. As we journeyed down the M4 she became transformed from a shivering, shy little dog into a confident and quite bossy girl! The tail wagging started at Membury services and as hardly stopped since! She has Ziggy under her thumb already he can't decide whether to be friendly or not,  but he will be OK.
We are still having problems with the walking on the lead she is still rolling over all the time, so it's a work in progress! She loves the garden and also the cat.
Daisy is having a spa day with Ziggy on Monday so I will send a photo as requested of the new hair cut.
Sally Jackson


Hi lucy,

just wanted to let you know that tammy is settling in very well,she is so good,we went out for a walk this evening and she has already met lots of new friends,everyone adores her,thankyou very much for all the help you have given us,i will update you again in a few days to let you know how she is doing,

thanks again jo and family.


Hi Lucy
We are the family from London who got a chocolate lab on 1st March. We called her Lola, and shes settled in well. She already does some commands, such as sit, and come. We've attached some pictures as we though you might like to see how wells shes settled


Hi Lucy,

Just thought I would drop you an e-mail about Tess the Chocolate Labrador that we adopted from you in September. We renamed her Treacle and she responds really well to it.

She is a wonderful dog and gets on great with Bovril, she is top dog and is always taking toys from Bovril but he doesn't seem to mind and she has also calmed him down a bit. They both now lie next to each other and are good friends. We have had no problems with her at all and she has lost a bit of weight and has toned up a bit but still a bit more weight to loose yet but she is getting there. She loves playing with a ball out and about and we can't keep her out of the lakes and rivers which is good exercise for her.

Me and my Mum keep seeing the Labs that you keep getting in and would love to rescue another one or two but my Dad has put his foot down :-(

I have attached some pics of her enjoying her new life. Feel free to put any of them on your website.

Treacle, Bovril & The Mason Family x



Hi lucy,just to let you know Badger is doing just fine,he has settled in a treat and is a delight!!He adores the kids and Carl and I feel like weve had him forever,thank you so much for all your help,Lucie and carl Wheeler and Badger.XX




hi we have had mouse 5 days now and she is really coming out of her shell, we have now got her walking on a lead which is great , less carrying lol, here is some pictures-



Hi Lucy,
just to let you know Max has grown, eaten a sock and is a bundle of fun. He has brought a huge amount of enjoyment to our family! Thank you for allowing us to rescue him, were loving every minute with him.He is easy to train it only takes a couple of days for him to pick things up. He sits, waits and returns a ball!!!

Thank you!!!!
Judith Brown



Hi Lucy

Just thought I'd drop you a line to update you on Woody, he's absolutely wonderful and a great companion.  I can't believe it's been 2 weeks since I got him, time has just flown by - he keeps me very busy.

He's settled in so well and loves his new home.  Very adventurous, playful, mischievous and learning very fast.  Knows how to sit and is almost fully house trained, fortunately that was very easy as I have patio doors leading out to my garden. He now settles down very well in his bed at night.  Has a good appetite and has really grown and got even more fluffy.

He was due to have his 2nd vaccination at the vets today, but as he is still coughing a little, they had said it is best to put it off for another week and have prescribed some more antibiotics, which he doesn't mind taking.  BUT I think (and really hope) his cough is on the way out as I am looking forward to getting him socializing with other dogs.

I've taken some great photos of him having fun and relaxing and uploaded them to his webpage - you can view it here

You can use any of these on your website if you like.  I will regularly update the page with new pics.

and if I know anyone who is looking for a dog I will always recommend Lucky Paws, I'm so glad I found you.  I won't forget you when I make my annual donations....

BTW:  your new look website is great.



Hi Lucy,

We bought lola from you back in November when she was 10 weeks old and thought you may like a few photo's for your wall.

Andrew and family



Thank you so much. We so love her. Hope she has a good night.!!!!??????
Can you tell me about the food again
Is it 1 cup shared 3 times aday
1 cup 3 times a day    (3 cups)
1 cup looked loads so I did give her half just to break even.
Ya can always text me 07810824727
Thanks sooooooo much again
Berni Clayton-Smith




Hi Lucy

Attached is the first couple of photos of "Woody" in his new home.   I
named after he was intrigued and playful when I went out to fetch the
logs for my fire... it wasn't any of the names I had written down but I
think it suits him

He's settled in well so far, I expect he may be a little upset when I
put him to bed tonight.

The journey home was fine.  He made a racket at first, but after about
15 minutes he calmed down and went to sleep.

He has been coughing a little, I don't know if it is normal. t I have
registered him with the vet and have an appointment with them tomorrow
for a check up, so I will see what they think.

Other than that, he's been drinking lots of water and has eaten his dinner.

He is proving to be a wonderful companion already....

thank you so much, I love him !!  .

I'll send regular updates



Dear Lucy,
Though that I would drop you a line and a pic from my new pad.I now have a new friend to play with his names Boston and strange but he looks abit like me?.
I cried a little when I first got here  but now love it.....I am now able to go on long walks and lately played in the snow. I go up the stairs now,It took me a week to learn how to do that but its well lush up there........We get to go on Zoe bed and at the weekend I even get the chance to have a sleep up there....
My favourite food at the moment is Iams and tuna and I get lots of treats,I now have a lovely pink coat and a diamond studded collar and lead (only the best).
Well its just a note to say I,m doing really well,thank you for finding Zoe for me and keep up the good work.
This internet thing is easy to lol.
Lots of wet kisses
Lillie Lockett



Hi Lucy,
Lady has really settled in, it's like she's lived with me forever. She is so affectionate and gets on with the other two dogs great. Sorry the pic is only a little one; I'll try and get a better one to you.
Many thanks for all your help
With love form Mel, Lady, Stanley and Barney

Hi Lucy,
Here are a few pictures of our Border Collie puppy, Ben, the one with the white face!
He had his first visit to the vets yesterday for his second vaccination/worming. He is growing daily, and is full of fun & mischief!
Ben is getting along great with our other dog Molly, she's worn out!
We thought you might enjoy looking at these photos.
Kind Regards
The Hartwell Family

Hi Lucy
just a quick note to say thanx for giving us the oppertunity to own these two lovely little girls ..they had a very peacefull night ..only a weewee to get up to which was to be expected ...
neither of them liked going out on the lead to start with basically just sat there and refused to move ..i took them out on there own this morning seperately and managed to get pippa to walk around the school grounds but..poppie managed to get to the carpark and sat lol im sure they will learn in time ,,
they cried when i went out this morning daughter stayed with them ..but stopped when i came back .so they obviously like me ....
they have had a nice bath and look even better are some pics for you ..also will keep you updated with there progress
thanx again ruth and kevin xxxx

An update on Lucky the LAb cross we had from you. She has settled in well, maybe a bit too well as she has manged to sneak a place in the bedroom, oh dear. She has grown so fast and is full of beans, but very quick to learn. The odd accident in the house but nothing like when we first brought her home.
Just wondering if you know how the other pups are getting on??
Hope the picture comes out
Rachael Grant

Just wanted to give you an update on Nero a brown & white Male Chihuahua cross i adopted from Oaktree in May 2008.
He has just recently turned a year old and is an absolute bundle of joy, he is just such a wonderful little dog and i can't imagine life without him!! We constantly have days where he has us in stitches due to his antics! He has become a wonderful stable / yard dog and accompanies me on hacks when i ride my horse he keeps up extremely well for something so little, although he does struggle with the cold wet weather so now has an array of dog rugs to keep him warm and dry (horsey ones of course) he comes everywhere with us including the pub, friends and relatives houses and of course competions when i compete and he is always impecably behaved everybody loves him and he is always greeted with fuss & attention especially from the girls at the yard which has helped bring him out of his shell as he was very nervous and clingy when i first had him, he is still very aware of strangers and doesn't like to be touched by people he doesn't know, but that's just him. Even when i'm sat in traffic he has big burly builders sat in the next lane cooing at him!!
He did get kennel cough in September when put into boarding kennels while we were abroad for a week, but recovered very quickly with medication from my vet and was soon back to his normal self.
I love him dearly and he is regulary spoilt with treats or new toys of some kind, he manages to get through about 4 Nylabones a month  he also sleeps in bed with me until i fall asleep where he then gets into his own bed which is by the side of mine.
Thankyou for helping me find my perfect friend and companion i know without the hardwork both yourself & Sally do in rehoming dog like mine i wouldn't probably have had him and he might not have been here, please do carry on i always recommend you guys to people i know who are looking for dogs and pass on your Number (which i hope is alright??) and would always come to you for another dog.
I have attached some pics of Nero so you can see how is getting on and growing up, again thank you!! He also still sticks his tongue out
Very Kind Regards,
Vicki, Ross & Nero x

Dear Lucy
I have attached a picture of Marley (we now call her Barley) on one of her regular walks.
She seems to be settling in well, she is still a little nervous but her confidence is growing each day
Kind regards
Mrs Sue Bowden-Rooke


Hi All,
Poppy - one of the collie / retriever cross in August, would like to wish everyone at lucky paws a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year. This picture was taken after my morning walk in my favourite position on the cold hard harth.
Very Best Wishes
Poppy Plummer


Hello Lucky Paws, just an e-mail letting you know how well Foxey has settled into his life on the farm! He's a wonderful little dog with a huge personality. We've had no problem at all with ducks and chickens! he enjoys feeding the pigs and finds chasing sheep rather amusing! Thank you so much for letting us give him a home its certainly made our christmas and his aswell! All the best for Christmas and the new year Zoe Grimwood


Hi Lucy

I have attached some pictures of Toby asleep on my bed!
I was a little bit worried for the first week or so because he weed indoors alot, didn't come to his name and was sooo nervous; but now he is becoming more and more confident and his personality is really starting to show through. He doesn't wee inside anymore and he comes when I call him. He just needed to settle in, bless him.
He has a crate which he stays in when I go out, full of his toys, a comfy duvet and bed- all of which get ransacked whilst I am out! I came home the other day and he had pulled the sheet which I put over the crate (so it becomes a den or cave for him) right through the tiny bars and it was inside with him!
He is so playful and loves playfighting- he makes sure he doesn't bite too hard though!
He loved Jen's dog Reggie (jackhuahua) to bits, and he will be seeing him again this weekend we we go to visit my Mum in Devon. I am going to take him for a walk on the beach- I'll let you know what he thought of it .and send you a picture or two

I hope you are well and the dogs are finding new homes.

Well, we are off for a walk on the common now.

Love from

Vicky and Toby


Hi Lucy,
Thought you might like to hear how Jess is getting on.
She's almost doubled in weight to 10kg but of course is still very much a puppy. And, of course, everyone who meets her thinks she's sweet.
Here's a picture of her helping me in the garden...
All the best
Peter and Sue




I would like to thank you for the money that you have sent me, it will help towards the vets fees. I have loads of pictures of Oscar which I will email to you. He is a fantastic well behaved spoilt little dog who is loved by all the family. I am so pleased I found a dog like him.


Kelly Hunt


Hi Lucy,
I hope you are well?
I just wanted to drop you a line to say that Pepsi is getting on very well with us and the rest of our family.  She has settled into our home so well in such a short space of time, we are thrilled (and relieved).
We have nicknamed her Shadow, as she follows me around everywhere, she's such a little sweetie and so affectionate, we still cannot believe how lucky we are to have found her.
She's a right little character and is always making us laugh, the other day she decided to put her front paws in her water bowl and dig some of the water out, the water went everywhere, we have decided to leave the mop and bucket out for now, just in case she does it again, tee hee hee.
Steve is really enjoying having a dog again and is busy training her, he says that when she ignores us, she does it on purpose as she's smarter than she lets on.  It's all good fun!!!
I hope you like the attached photo's and I will email you some more at a later date.
Thank you so much for all your help and for looking after her.
Take care
Stella, x.